The Homebuyer Value Proposition

The Homebuyer Value Proposition

Most first time homebuyers have no idea what is involved in buying a home in today's real estate market. Even with the proliferation of real estate websites, there's a great deal of misinformation about the process that homebuyers go through when finding, negotiating for and closing on their homes. Veteran home buyers may have even experienced vast differences in services and expectations during the purchase of their homes because of differing agent processes and / or state variances.

We follow our system for every home purchase, whether the home is $50,000 or $500,000. This helps us make sure that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed; and that there are no big surprises once we get to the closing table.

Our Homebuying System

The Buyer Purchase Cycle

1. Needs Analysis

During our initial consultation, we help you outline your needs and wants for your new home and help you develop a clear picture of your ideal home. This helps us narrow down the number of properties that you have to tour thereby eliminating homes that don't meet your needs.

2. Loan Approval

If you have not already contacted a loan officer, we can guide you to reputable and reliable loan officers who will advise you on obtaining loan pre-approval and choosing the best mortgage option for you.

3. Home Search

We'll help you develop a list of neighborhoods to target based on your wants and needs, and deliver related information about those neighborhoods to you. We then organize and schedule showings and provide ongoing updates about properties that you're interested in.

4. Making Offers

We'll help you compare homes that make your short list and make decisions about which home to you ultimately want to make an offer on. We advise you on the terms and conditions of offers and the costs associated with certain decisions. Finally we complete your purchase offer contact and deliver it to you for signatures.

5. Negotiating Terms

We present your offer to listing agents and verbally frame your offer in the best possible light to give it the best chance of being accepted. If homeowners counter your offer, we advise and negotiate terms on your behalf until a win-win situation can be obtained.

6. Vendor Coordination

After an offer is accepted and you're in contract, we'll still need the assistance of third party vendors to close most deals. Inspectors, appraisers, surveyors and title companies come into play. We'll advise you on quality vendors to perform work.

7. Pre-Closing

We'll coordinate and supervise document delivery and preparation as well as review any disclosures, amendments, title policies and settlement statements with you so you know what to expect both before, during, and after your closing. Pre-closing consultations equal smooth sailing on closing day.

8. Closing & Funding

Prior to closing, we'll review the settlement statement with you and resolve any last minute issues that might arise. Delays at closing are almost always related to the buyer's loan so we stay in constant contact with your lender leading up to closing and completion of your purchase.

Finally, once we've completed the closing and funding has occurred, we'll help you coordinate your move-in as well as activation of utilities and assist with any post-closing issues.

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