Frequently Asked Questions about Keller Williams Realty

Frequently Asked Questions

When starting a new real estate career, or even when just changing brokers to start a new trajectory, often time agents have a LOT of questions that they want answered. We've attempted to address the most commonly asked questions below, but if you have a question that isn't answered, please don't hesitate to contact us using the form at right.

Why Choose Keller Williams?
This entire section of our website should answer this question thoroughly. It's a rare combination of culture, education, technology, profit share and community involvement that makes Keller Williams the home of over 80,000 agents nationwide.

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?
Your earning potential is limited only by what you put into your business. Keller Williams offers the best available training and coaching, but ultimately YOU have to do the work to grow your business.

What Does it Cost to Get Started?
For licensed agents switching into the Keller Williams system, startup fees are about $300. For unlicensed individuals, costs can range anywhere from $1,000 - $1,500 including classes, licensing, startup fees, and MLS fees.

What Type of Training is Provided?
Our market center provides training nearly every single day. On most days, multiple classes per day. In addition you can also take advantage of career planning, CAMP 4.4.3, SHIFT, BOLD, MREA; all business building camps proven to increase your productivity.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance?

Where Do I Take my Classes?
The closest real estate school to the Premier offices is Champions School of Real Estate. Classes can also be taken online.

What is the Commission Split?
ALL Agents are on a 70/30 split until they reach the $18,000 company dollar cap. Additionally, royalty fees are paid on a 4% basis in 2011, and 6% for 2012 and beyond. Royalty fees are capped at $3,000 per year. Please ask the Team Leader for more details.

What ongoing costs are incurred?
Monthly fees run about $70.00. Office space is additional, but bullpen cubicles can be used for free as can the computers in the resource center. MLS and Supra Fees are not included in this figure because those are charged directly from HAR.

Are there any per transaction costs?
Yes - a $10 Associate Advertising Fee (for office-wide advertising) and E&O Insurance (if you're not paying on an annual basis).

Are any of my costs 'capped'?
Both your company split ($18,000) and Royalty Fees ($3,000) are capped on an annualized basis. So for example, on a $100,000 deal at 3% - $3,000 Commission is split like so: $120 Royalty, $864 Company Dollar, and $2,016 to the Agent. After reaching your cap, 100% goes to the Agent. If you fail to cap on a given year, you do NOT have to pay the difference at the end of the year. You start over with a clean slate on your anniversary date.

Does Keller Williams have an Open Book policy?
Keller Williams Realty places a premium on trust – we are an “open books” company. We allow associates access to their market center’s financials so they can see firsthand how the company is performing. It is a system where brokers and agents are partners in the profits and everyone works toward maximizing financial success. Naturally, when associates share in the company’s profits and learn firsthand how the company is performing, a mutual alliance forms that supports success for both the associate and the broker.

What is your Mission Statement?
Our Mission is to exceed our customer/client expectations while increasing the growth and profitability of our associates and company by promoting success through: Community Service, Teamwork, Consulting, Technology, Ethics, Training, Recruiting, WI4C2T’S.

What is your Vision Statement?
Our Vision is to be the benchmark in the real estate industry by consistently raising the standards of excellence.

Who are the decision makers?
At Keller Williams, decisions affecting the company are made with ownership AND the Agents through the Agent Leadership Council.

Do Agents have a say?
The Agent Leadership Council is a staple of the Keller Williams culture and gives Agents a say in how the company is run. No other brokerage can offer that.

What is the office policy for advertising?
Keller Williams has long advocated for promoting the agent, not Keller Williams. That being said, agents are incouraged to develop their own brand and advertising so long as it falls within TREC and MLS guidelines.

What type of structured training is offered?
Keller Williams has developed industry leading training for its agents all available through Kelller Williams University online. 4:4:3, SHIFT, 36:12:3, Seize the Market, and BOLD are scheduled throughout the year within our market center.

Does the Broker compete for listings?
No. Our broker does not actively compete or market for listings. As a matter of fact, our broker has taken a hands on approach to helping agents develop THEIR business by serving as the market center business coach.

Does Keller Williams offer Profit Sharing?
Keller Williams Realty is the only major brand Brokerage that DOES offer profit sharing. Build alternate revenue streams by recruiting new agents into the Keller Williams family, and grab your share of the estimated $237M given back to agents through Profit Sharing. * Through 2008.

Do you do Relo / REO / Commercial?
Our market center has agents who specialize in Relocation, REO and Commercial. Our office alone has six teams that specialize in REO business, one of which is the largest Freddie Mac broker in the city. We have three agents who specialize in Commercial. So if you're looking to learn, you've got a great foundation from which to start.

Is Floor Time Available?
Floor time is available to all licensed agents who are current on their office and MLS dues, have completed mandatory floor training, and have completed phone training. Shift signup is done at the end of the Team Meeting and you MUST be present to sign up.

How does the office advertise?
Through Premier advertising and the Associate Advertising Fees, the office publishes Premier Magazine every other month and distributes over 60,000 copies. Additionally, the ALC has a standing advertising committee that oversees an office advertising budget usually spent on print ads through local newspapers, Homes & Land magazine, web promotion, and regional advertising opportunities.

Office Testimonials

Debbie Spence

"I joined Keller Williams Realty Katy @ Cinco Ranch on September 1, 2009. Prior to this move, I was with an independently owned and operated franchise in Katy (dependent model.) This was a change that I thought about and planned for almost a year. I ultimately realized my choices were between Re/Max (independent model) and Keller Williams Realty (inter-dependent model). I chose Keller Williams Realty because to me, it was “the best of both worlds".

Debbie Spence, Real Estate Agent

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